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Revealing the Gospel of Christ, Equipping the Saints, Liberating the World!

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- You must successfully complete the 1st Year Program before enrolling in    the 2nd Year Program

- There is No Tuition Required (This Program is completely Donation-Based)

- You Can Go @ Your Own Pace:

     - You can take any combination of Day and/or Night Classes (i.e. The same Night Schedule  

            mirrors the Day Schedule);

      -  From 1 Day a Week up to 4 Days a Week. (i.e. You can just come every Monday or every Tuesday

            and Thursday -- it might take you longer to complete the program but the Class Schedules will be

            sequenced to accommodate a variety of Part-Time scenarios). 

- If you are a Charis Bible College Student we willaccept your transfers.

Upon successfully completing our 1st Year Program you are eligible to participate in our 2nd Year Program. The 2nd Year Program is designed to equip and empower you for practical ministry.

Utilizing key leaders like Lawson Perdue, Arthur Meintjes, Caroline Walton, Mark and Denise Abernethy, Seth and Saundra Dunn, and more! In addition, you will engage in Interactive Workshops designed to help you develop skills in public speaking, teaching , sacerdotal duties, and more.  We want to provide you with everything you need to live your destiny!

In your 2nd year, you will also be required to go on a foreign or cross cultural mission trip. You will learn the value of recruiting partners and raising funds. On your mission adventure you will join hands with local believers and fulfill a God given mandate. You will leave knowing that you have served in such a way that you have left a mark, physically and spiritually. 

Upon graduating from the 2nd Year Program, you will receive a diploma and become eligible to apply for a Ministerial License through Dave Everett Ministries, Inc. ‚Äč