Dave Everett Ministries was born for the purpose of revealing the Gospel of Christ to the nations! Through faithful teaching and discipleship we endeavor to equip the saints with a proper perspective of Christ's Gospel and what it reveals. Our goal is to see people so established in their salvation that it becomes effectual in every area of their lives.

Our desire is to help equip and mobilize anyone who has a like-minded Message and desire that is consistent with our vision and values. United we will accomplish our purpose in reaching the world with the Gospel Truth that will liberate them. We are here to fully support anyone to reach their God-ordained potential and purpose.

In response, Dave began an intensive season of devoted study, over a period of several months, sometimes 12-16 hours of day. ​​

Dave became enlightened to the Gospel Truth that revealed that He was the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. (Rom 1:16-17; 2 Cor 5:21) ​Despite receiving Christ as a first grader and being in the ministry since high school. Dave felt born-again for the first time in his life. 


​Dave then began to realize that all his life he was preaching the ministry of condemnation and death vs preaching the ministry of righteousness and His Spirit. (2 Cor 3:7-9) Moreover, Dave realized this is what he preached, because this is what he believed based on what he was taught. 


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"What do I believe and why do I believe what I believe. Do I believe what I believe because I have always been told what to believe or do I believe what I believe because I myself am convinced doctrinally that it is Truth."

This enlightened revelation inspired Dave to throw away his library, preaching notes and messages. As far as Dave was concerned. he was preaching the wrong message and was committed to starting over.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As a toddler Dave grew up preaching to his stuffed animals. In high school Dave experienced a powerful revival that began to direct the course of his life. During this same time, while doing a term paper on the life and ministry of Billy Graham the Lord began to speak some very personal things to Dave that he has pondered in his heart to this day. 

Meanwhile, Sherry grew up in a pastor's home always desiring to be a pastor's wife. Right out of high school Sherry began to develop a strong desire to share the love of Christ with people through the means of discipleship.

Dave & Sherry met during a prayer meeting in 1999. Since the beginning of their relationship, Dave & Sherry always knew that the Lord had brought them together for a lifetime of ministry. 

In 2009 Dave & Sherry found themselves in the midst of a severe financial famine where they lost everything: their jobs, their home, their vehicles, their ministry and their purpose. Despite the severity of their situation, it was in the midst of this season that Dave & Sherry were introduced to the renowned teachings of Andrew Wommack and Joseph Prince. 

This introduction began a revolutionary journey that would forever change their lives and ministry. As a result, Dave began a theological quest asking himself this question:

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to Him [with those desires] trust Him [with those desires] and He will bring it [those desires] to pass."

Reveal the Gospel of Christ,

 Equip the Saints

Liberate the World!


​We believe the Gospel is the good news of Christ's finished work. Our salvation includes everything Christ accomplished for us on the cross. The Gospel does not point out what is wrong with you; it reveals what has been made right with you because of Christ Jesus! Therefore the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation (wholeness) in every area of life—and that is what Dave Everett Ministries is committed to reveal and establish in the hearts of God's people everywhere!

​Since 2009 the Everett's could not land a job but on this October afternoon in 2013, upon hearing this Word. The Everett's committed their way to the Lord, trusting Him with their desire to go to Charis Bible College by signing for enrollment as full time students. Then within one hour of signing up -- the Lord gave Dave a job. Within months the Lord gave them a home, 2 free vehicles and so much more!

The next three years became saturated with Gospel Truth teaching, like-minded relationships, and impeccable mentoring. Dave and Sherry completed their Charis Bible College training in May 2016. They never missed a tuition payment -- they even helped others pay their tuitions on multiple occasions. 

This great awakening of the righteousness of God has revolutionized every aspect of their lives. By which they have become so established in their true identity that the Gospel truly reveals. This amazing journey that has forever permeated their hearts has within an all renewed passion and zeal to fulfill their life's destiny to:

United God has gifted us in teaching and pastoral care. Currently we are in the midst of planting a new church: LightHouse Discipleship Center, teaching at Charis Bible College, leading Charis Bible Studies and providing pastoral care.

Dave is a writer of multiple books and articles. 

In addition to our local ministries in Southern California. The Lord has also begun to open doors for us to preach the Gospel through the United States, Latin America and Europe. In regards to our international ministries, the Lord is beginning to open doors for us to pastor both church and national leaders.


Therefore, Dave & Sherry earnestly desired to enroll into Charis Bible College in Ontario, CA (founded by Andrew Wommack). However, they did not even have a dime to their name. Nevertheless, as they visited the new campus during an Open House event, the Campus Director Ryan May spoke from Psalm 37:4-5.


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