Crisis Aid started by providing 2-pound bags of rice to people in South Sudan. Crisis Aid  work quickly evolved to serve people in crisis living in 11 different countries. United with their partners, Crisis Aid has provided more than 14.9 million pounds of food and served 2.3 million adults and malnourished children, rescued more than 870 girls age 4 to 30 years old from sex trafficking, and more.

Today Crisis Aid concentrates their efforts in East Africa and the United States serving children and families who are in crisis situations. Whether it be famine, disease, natural disaster, or sex trafficking, Crisis Aid is there.

Crisis Aid committed to “helping the helpless” with relief efforts both locally and globally. Crisis Aid equips those who are beyond the crisis to take responsibility by providing programs which train, inspire and move them to independent, self-sustained living. The Crisis Aid Family is large and growing and we invite you who refuse to “do nothing” to join in our mission to impact lives, souls, and futures! With your partnership, the prayers and dreams of thousands of children and families will be answered.

Therefore, we here at Dave Everett Ministries are strong supporters of Crisis Aid International. It is our desire to increase our support in the days to come.  We encourage you to consider to partner with this valuable ministry.

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