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When the Lord began to reveal to me Ministry of Righteousness (2 Co 3:9) in 2011. God revolutionized my life and ministry forever!

During that season of my life I was out of the ministry for various reasons. But I remember asking the Lord: “If you will allow me to get back into ministry. I will spend the remainder of my days reveal the Gospel of Christ that reveals the righteousness of God. (Rom 1:16-17)

Since that time I have heard multiple testimonies from individuals who have been supernaturally delivered from their addictions when they received a True revelation of Righteousness.
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I was born and lived in mainland China for 29 years. My father was a senior officer in the navy, so I always grew up and lived a military community and a strict communist environment with my family. Regardless a communist or not, the Chinese society (especially at that time) believes there is no God and evolution has been taught to every child when they first start school. The Chinese government ingrained a wrong belief system in its people with the theory of evolution that communism is the highest authority and is what can bring them prosperity and happiness.

In China, if a person has a religion of any kind, he or she will be looked down upon, laughed at or even severly persecuted. Read More...

I grew up going to church. I knew about God but I didn’t know Him. My job was tuck driving. For three years I drove to the landfill. Everyday when I got there the landfill was covered with trash.

One day, out of the whole time that I drove to the landfill, it was completely covered in dirt with no papers in sight I parked the truck in the middle of a field of dirt. The field was about 20 acres. My truck was about 60 feet in length.

I began to uncover my load in my trailer. Starting at the front driver’s side I walked around the trailer until I reached the right rear wheel. 
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I Will Draw All People to Myself

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What is Your Testimony?

Turning to the TRUE GOD!

In September 2010 Sarah’s left breast biopsy was positive for cancer. Within weeks, doctor’s performed a partial mastectomy that was to be followed by four doses of chemotherapy. Sarah was suppose to be off work for approximately seven months.  Read More...

Risen From The Dead - Before Going Home!

Totally Healed of Cancer!

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Awaken to Righteousness -- Liberated From Sin!

I received a phone call from my pastor about one of our church member's, Colleen. Colleen was doing her usual routine as she was feeling fine when she suddenly fell to the ground and into a deep coma. She was taken to the hospital and the doctor's diagnosis stated there was no brain activity on any of the tests. The doctor informed the family that she was brain dead.    Read More...